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Even one drop is too much alcohol for a kid.

Don’t be a bobble head. Say "No" to underage drinking.

Underage drinking can crush dreams.

Don’t let alcohol erase a teen’s future.

Don’t let alcohol shatter a teen’s future.

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When parents agree, kids stay alcohol free.

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The latest on Facebook: Have a safe and fun weekend with your teens, here is some safety tips for a skiing weekend. 1. Know the code: The skier/snowboarder code should be on the backside of your lit ticket or pass. It has important information on skier etiquette and how to be safe on the snow. 2. Right of way: Remember, the person downhill has the right of way! 3. Wear a helmet: As is the case with many sports, a helmet is the most important piece of equipment when it comes to preventing life-threatening injuries. 4. Get the right gear: Having the right gear can mean the difference between a great day on the mountain or a trip to the ER. Properly fitted bindings and snug boots are particularly important, so make sure both are fitted by a professional. 5. Stay in bounds: Ski patrol ensures the safety of the terrain and people on the mountain, but only within the resort boundaries. Ducking the rope could put you in danger of avalanches or unmarked obstacles; and should you get hurt, there won’t be any one to help. 6. Ski with a buddy: Just like in kindergarten, skiing with a buddy means you are less likely to get lost or injured. There ARE friends on a powder day. 7. Have fun: Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the best snow on earth!